KR KDCA Essential Oil Fragrance Teacher Certificate Course

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KR KDCA Essential Oil Fragrance Teacher Certificate Course

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Course Description:

Korean professional natural essential oil fragrance consultant course, if you like essential oils, learn how to make essential oil perfume! Suitable for friends who are purely interested or want to start a business in the field of fragrance. The advantage of the license course is that students can learn theoretical knowledge & practical operation, and it’s okay to start classes after getting the certificate.


– Simple, easy to understand, and not complicated, suitable for beginners.– Following the recipe and process, various perfumes can be made.– Korean license that able to conduct lessons after graduation.Easy to get started with not much investment.


– Make three bottles of 30ml perfume for review by the KDCA Association. After passing, the tutor will assist in applying for the certificate.

– After the training and obtaining the license, students can start classes. Later, they can assist in applying through Malaysian authorized units and issue certificates to their students.

License Issuer:

Korea Design Craft Association

Course fees:

  • KDCA textbook + additional exclusive handouts
  • 30 bottles of 3ml KDCA Association Natural Essential Oil
  • One bottle of 100ml perfume-grade alcohol (95%)
  • Fragrance spare materials:

          – Perfume bottle 30ml x 3 piece

Addition free course:

  • Home Diffuser course at RM198
  • Perfume Grade Ethanol 1000ml at RM200


– Learn to use accurate calculation formulas to formulate the fragrance using the principle of blending factor. It is simple and easy to understand
– Learn the proportion of perfume and fragrance rate with essential oil.
– Identify the essential oil aromas: Floral , citrus, wood, spicy, exotic, etc.
– Learn the matching of aroma types For example, add floral fragrance to the wood to learn how to match essential oils of different aromas evenly– Recognize the top, middle and base tone adjustment of essential oils Base note , middle note , top note
Practice making 3 different kinds of perfumes in class
* 50 more perfume recipes are available*
Time Duration: 4 Hours
Location Melaka ( Kota syahbandar) / Petaling Jaya
For more information, 
Please contact Ms Winnie


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KDCA 韩国🇰🇷精油调香师资证书课程
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