Herbal Candle Workshop🌿

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Herbal Candle Workshop🌿

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Course Description:

Learn about how to use the natural herb to make energy candle, has the effect of stabilizing one’s mood and energy, It can also be used to purify the air and improve the atmosphere around. Most people’s daily life & work will create more or less pressure that we can’t see, by using the herbal energy candle, it can help us to relax, Start positivity and learn how to make our own energy candle. Herbs are the gift of the earth to us. It has plenty of curative effects and energy, At the beginning of the workshop, students will be led to connect with the energy of Mother Earth and learn to connect with their senses go make your own energy candles for a special someone or family and friends The candles made can be also used in your daily life to support yourself It can also be used in personal spaces in order to purify and protect the surroundings next to you, it’s also a great idea to use it while you are meditating Everyone’s candles will not be exactly the same There will be different energy characteristics for each individual this is a satisfying workshop with full of energy.

Class contents:

Learn to make purifying energy candles/lucky energy candles

10+ different kinds of herbal elements

For example: earth, wind, fire, water, etc. – The effect of each element such as: purification, fortune, protection, better sleep…

– Learn to grind and add herbs to candles – Make a large cup wax and 4 tea waxes – take your works back home

Learn to modulate herbs essential oil in candle 

Time Duration 150 minutes

Location: MLK Kota Syahbandar / KL Petaling Jaya

For more information,  please contact Ms Winnie 


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