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KR ISDH Aroma Bath 1Days Basics Course [Include Certificate Application]

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Course Description:

ISDH is an association founded in South Korea in 2018. The fragrance bath product series is its professional license and is protected by South Korea’s patent protection law. Friends who obtain the license can become ISDH teachers and conduct lessons. What can I do after taking the ISDH course? If you are friends who want to start a business, I believe everyone can see that the fragrance market is becoming popular in Malaysia. Modern people pursue a higher quality of life. Products no longer only require safety and nature. Higher levels pursue sensory enjoyment, and fragrant and good-looking products are suitable for modern people’s demands. In addition to teaching you how to make bath products that can maintain your skin and bath balls with essential oil ingredients, ISDH also teaches you how to make different shapes, cute and beautiful works, so that you can create more diversified works! Friends who want to start a business after the course can choose to sell works or start classes, to open a way for friends who are interested in this industry. If you just like bathing or hand-made fragrance products, hoping to make trusted and safe bath products, after learning this course, you can freely DIY a complete set of fragrance bath products. According to your preferences, you can make works with different tastes and shapes. Making for self-use or gifts is very fun. Once you study, you can make exclusive personal bath products for life. The main four major items: are bath ball, bubble bath, exfoliate, and bath salt… Routes and technical contents of various fragrance works.


– Including course theory

– And a total of 5 works + plus 2 works given by the academy Total: 7 works

1) Basic bath ball

2) Foot bath tablet

3) Fragrance bath salt

4) Characters bubble bath

5) Cake bubble bath

6) Two-tone essential oil bath ball (free)

7) Cartoon animal essential oil bath ball (free)

* In addition, the college will increase the packaging method of free products (how to use PO)

Time: 1 Days

Location: Melaka ( Kota Syahbandar) / Petaling Jaya

For more information,  please contact Ms Winnie

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韩国ISDH Aroma Bath 香氛沐浴產品專業證照課 【基础班】
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