KCCA Master Course 4 Days (Include application certificate)

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KCCA Master Course 4 Days (Include application certificate)

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Course Description: 

KCCA Is a Professional Scented Candle Master Course organized by Korea Candle Craft Association. 
To complete the KCCA certificate course, students are required to finish course content and candle work. 
In these courses, students need to complete the theory and practical classes of the specific course.
- suitable for beginner students
- small class size
- Who wants to start a business
- Great for those who love the fragrance
Teachers will assist students in applying for licenses from the Korean Candle Craft Association.
Course Content:
28 designs of candles assigned by KCCA
-2 more trendy designs during the course, a total of 30 kinds of design
-Candle colouring class worth value RM899 (Learn color scheme with Pantone card)

Design 1: Tealight Candle
Design 2: Container Candle
Design 3: Cinnamon Candle
Design 4: Cinnamon Candle Holder
Design 5: Spectrum Candle
Design 6: Bee Sheet Candle
Design 7: Tree Candle 
Design 8: Tree Candle Holder
Design 9: Wax Tablet
Design 10: Scented Plaster
Design 11: Proposing Candle
Design 12: Tin Case Candle
Design 13: Jell Candle Holder
Design 14: Ice Candle
Design 15: Image Candle
Design 16: Pressed Flower Candle
Design 17: Ice cream Candle
Design 18: Macaron Candle
Design 19: Silicon Candle
Design 20: Stamping Pillar Candle
Design 21: Diffuser 
Design 22: Dipping Candle
Design 23: Dipping Candle 
Design 24: Silicon Mold Candle
Design 25: Stone Candle
Design 26: Dry Flower Candle
Design 27: Hurricane Candle Holder
Design 28: Self-Design Candle

-  Use top-level wax, fragrance, pigments, and so on imported from South Korea
-  Introduce the characteristics of various waxes
-  Recognize wax materials
- Learn mold removal skills
- Main points for making candles
- Understanding of fragrance essential oil & mixing
- Use of various colorings
Course features:

Teachers will share their entrepreneurial experiences and give after-school assistance. 
Let students not be alone on the way to starting a business, accompanied by teachers behind them.
-Provide Material Tool List & Purchase Access
-Enjoy a 10% discount on other courses at the academy in the future
-Provide space for teaching so that students can come back for after-school practice.
-Graduates are welcome back to attend (an unlimited number of times)
-Give opportunities for internship and to become our teacher and start classes and successfully create a sideline.
Melaka ( Kota Syahbandar) / Petaling Jaya

Time Duration:
32 hours 

For more information,  please contact Ms Winnie 


Why choose us:

HH Space Academy Tutors will travel to South Korea to get the certificate. In the past four year,  we have incubated over 980 professional candle makers, teaching Korean KCCA Candle Master Class certification course, Korean ISDH Fragrance Bath Product certification course etc. There is also a range of courses at the academy. We are also the first professional candle maker training academy in Malaysia, with a total number of online and offline students of more than 3,300. with rich teaching experience and appropriate teaching methods for different students, most of our students have begun to develop the handiwork fragrance industry!

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线下课程 KCCA Candle Master 四日证照课程(包含证照申请)
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